OneNet is a project but also a platform for cooperation 

We aim at creating mechanisms of inclusions that will allow any possible stakeholders to be involved and to influence the project.OneNet will create a unique European level consensus and acceptance thanks to a continuous process of interaction with all the stakeholders. To serve this scope, we will launch GRIFOn (GRId Forum), an innovative platform to promote and facilitate a constant dialogue between all the actors. 

A key impact of GRIFOn will be created by the elaboration of two documents: 

  • Interoperability Strategy for OneNet 
  • Market Design for OneNet 
First GRIFOn Workshop  

The first GRIFOn Workshop took place in the morning of 5 November 2021. The workshop aimed to establish a dialogue between the project consortium and all interested energy stakeholders.  

Two separate topics were addressed:  

  • Services, products, and market design for a harmonized European electricity market.   
  • The IT architecture for European’s market and network operation 

The feedback from the participants of the GRIFOn Workshop fed into the work of the project, both the horizontal work packages as well as some of the largest project demonstrations on European level. GRIFOn thus helps to reach better OneNet results. But not only, this …  

… the overall aim of GRIFOn is to create a large consensus on how to achieve European’s vision for a future integrated European market design. To achieve this goal, more GRIFOn workshops will be organised to present results from other parts of the OneNet project to the interested audience and receive input on how to move forward. 

Second GRIFOn Workshop 

The second GRIFOn Workshop was organised on the morning of 16 May 2022. The focus of this workshop was on “TSO-DSO-Customer Interoperability and Integration.” 

The participants addressed the topics of TSO-DSO-consumer 

  • data exchange,  
  • cyber security, and  
  • interoperability. 

To facilitate the discussion among participants, the OneNet consortium used innovative communication tools for online events, such as Miro and Wonder. This was greatly appreciated by the participants and allowed for lively and stimulant discussions in smaller groups. 

The feedback from the participants of the GRIFOn Workshop will feed into the work and the final results of the project.